Team Building Activities in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra Brisbane, Gold Coast for Corporate Groups

THRILL team events head office based in Sydney provides mobile Team Building Customer Service Experiences, Australia wide.

A unique customer experience. Not just any teambuilding provider, not just another teambonding company. THRILL is an accredited management consultant business that conducts fun team building through to serious facilitated team building activities addressing issues that we term Team Development.

Team Building Activities – broken down into 3 separate classes.

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Team Building Activities succeed when they are fun, structured, professionally delivered to engage the whole team!

Physical Team Building

Excellent benefits to personal mental health.
Be careful to select the right physical team activities. A boot camp instructor may not be the best team oriented person to coach your team. Nor able to provide successful reinforcement and appropriate encouragement to your colleagues.

Creative Team Building

Using the imagination, creative skills and imagery. This area of team building can be defined as art therapy. Painting, Sculpting, Drawing, Cooking, Designing…

Intellectual Team Building / Team Development

- also termed analytical and strategic

ENQUIRE – HOW Team Building Activities Can Improve your TEAM?

It is important to understand what will engage your team before delving into the creative, physical or intellectual team building selection process.

Beware – buying the cheapest as it could leave your team scarred.

TMS and MBTI are great tools to determine the personality profiles of colleagues.
Once you get the results of these tests it is often best to have a facilitator guide you through understanding the results and process the applications in a team environment.

Many an ahaaa and ohhhh moments comes from linking the profiles in your team and understanding an area that may be lacking.

Speak with an accredited team development facilitator to explain your team profile. Encouraging understanding of your teams bigger picture. Call 02 9630 2222

Experience Counts – Top 10; Best Team Building Activities List

WE have Scoured, Researched, Watched lots of Reality TV and You Tube, Emailed, Twittered, Practiced and Perfected our team building activities to benefit YOU!
Now here its is. Which ones have your team done? Enquire for a quote.

  1. AMAZING Races
    - Incredibly at the top for the past 7 years. Why? Thrilling, Excitement, Great Diversity, Unique Fun, Multi Challenge, Exploration, Everywhere!
  2. COOKING Team Master Chef Style
    - No better way to understand your team than sharing food. Culturally uniting people through delicious food!
  3. SURVIVOR – Outwit, Out Play, Out Smart
    - when facilitated professionally, achieves the primary goal of real team building exceptionally.
  4. BUILDING For Charities
    CSR Team Building Bikes or Toys For Kids, Furniture For Families – Speak with THRILL for special events.
  5. FUN n Team Building Games
    Minute 2 Win It. Office Olympics. Casino. Trivia. Giant Pictionary. Scattegories. Indoor Team Building.
  6. Adventure
    - Low and High Ropes Courses in The Tree Tops.
  7. Mini Olympics Games
    - Games, Games, Games – Everywhere, friendly competition, laughter, enjoyment, all involved.
  8. Art Rageous
    - Wild, fun expressive wonderful, colourful Painting or Grafitti works.
  9. Treasure Hunts
    - The Rocks, Manly, Sydney, Olympic Park, Darling Harbour, Parramatta, Coogee, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Melbourne.
  10. Team Construct
    - Teams complete a round robin of fun activities for funds to buy construction equipment. Then build a Tower, Pyramid, Ark or any 3 dimensional object. Its huge – Try it, You’ll like it!

The idea of team building activities as an industry originated with the likes of Outward Bound, Ropes Courses, Project Adventure Spiders Web Initiatives and books such as Silver Bullets by the esteemed Karl Rohnke.

It is no secret that recent team building activities success have ridden on the boom of reality TV shows like CBS Survivor, CBS Amazing Races, Shine Master Chef. These are world wide viewing phenomenons. Pitting real people into celebrity status. Where inter relationships are tested, people put under stress… and they succeed. We can see ourselves in their shoes and are inspired to accomplish great challenges.

Team Building Activities succeed when structured sequentially, delivered professionally by a facilitator or instructor that engages positively with your team.

The benefits of real or true team building provide results for your team that can be rewarding! If correctly selected.

PA’s, EA’s, HR, L&D’s Stop Searching – here are 10 Easy Team Building Activities that Improve Teamwork.

Get teams working well together, make Communication more effective and result in Productivity. We have the solution.

PA’s, EA’s, HR Activities ENQUIRY HERE – Help Your TEAM!

What are the Three Types of Team Building?

- a highly ranked web article on HUB gives an insight on their 3 Team Building Activity Styles.

  1. Fun n Games teambuilding also known as Team Bonding.
    One of my favourites to break the ice, develop rapport and begin play. Not too serious!
  2. Real Team Building or True Teambuilding
    Measureable – sometimes incorporates acronyms SMART and SWOT Analysis. Well defined Goals, Proven systems to achieve outcomes and desired result. Improve or strengthens communication, collaboration, cohesion. Aims to increase business productivity. Focus on long term results and improvements. Noted for the ability to be flexible. Combining team building with fun ensures effectiveness of learning. Great for a department to improve productivity.
  3. Management Consultation
    Company consulting considers team building issues usually within the broader process of evaluation of where a business can be improved at all levels. Here a corporation can gain an independent perspective and systems to change, repair, improve or cull teams.
  4. Why 4 – Here Thrill team assesses teams and provides Team Development. This distinguishes a team building company’s ability to deliver positive change for a company or department.

THRILL team builders are qualified in TMS – Team Management Systems and MBTI Myers-Brigss Type Indicator. Our experience in working with businesses from 10 employees to 1,000 employees is an invaluable asset. At THRILL we understand and deliver Team Building Activities that achieves the expectation of Customer Experience. With over 4,000 successful team building activities conducted your team is in safe hands.

Enjoy 50 team exercises and fun games to energise, motivate and reward employees for busy managers.

50 team building activities

Click Here for Amazons Quick Team Building Activities. 50 exercises that get results for Busy Managers!

This is a book by Brian Cole Miller put out through Amazon, comes in Kindle form for only $9.55

Ideal for Supervisors, HR, team leaders, managers, CEO’s!

Select and benefit from 50 quick team-building activities. teambuilding exercises.

Which can be implemented with no special facilities.

Avoid expenses – no previous training experience required.

Team Building exercises for:

  • building new teams
  • integrating new team member
  • dealing with changes
  • Coping with anger, fear, frustration
  • Recognising individual efforts
  • Rewarding team accomplishments
  • Creative ways to work together
  • Problem Solving
  • Increase and improve communicatio
  • Leverage team diversity
  • Encourage individual differences to achieve team goal
  • Keep competition healthy
  • Iincrease productivity within the team.

Instructions and tips for follow-up and variations are included for each activity,

Extra chapter with valuable advice for working through unexpected difficulties in team-building.

When this book fails or your expertise in this arena or you are just too busy call THRILL team building Activities.
For $45-$85pp (min 10) we will run the quick team building activities session to get your team kicking goals and increase recognition, reward and productivity!

ENQUIRE – Real Team Building Activities – Improve Your TEAM!